Monday, February 2, 2009

Baut-Ann Productions

So, I've completed the first task on my To Do List, I've created a blog. It's really empty at the moment but I know that by the end of the project it will be really colourful (:
Well, our group name is Baut-Ann Productions. Hahaha... Baut-Ann, Button ! Get it ?! ;D I was thinking about buttons before I decided our group name. I know, I'm random.
So now, James and I will start our brainstorming. We'll post up pictures of our possible prototypes ASAP.
I guess that's all for today, I don't have much more to say but we'll keep you updated.

To Do List

  1. Create a blog [w/ an AWESOME name]
  2. Brainstorm ideas on how our car should look
  3. Put our ideas into action [time to build]
  4. Test the prototypes, hoping it would travel a minimum distance of 5m
  5. Revise our ideas if it does not work
  6. Try to make the car travel 5m as well as it driving under 20 sec.
  7. Complete our booklet [containing our step-by-step process on the production of our car and observations]
  8. Bring our COOL car on race day


Recently, we've been told about a Balloon Car Race, which is to be taken place on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 in the foyer. In this race, we are to make an original design of a car that is balloon powered. Requirements in this task include: the car having to travel a minimum of 5m [this being worth 50 marks]; the fastest car receives 50 marks [while second place receives 45 marks, third place receives 40 marks, and fourth place as well as anyone who crosses the finish line receives 35 marks; completing a booklet containing the steps on the productivity of our car and our observations, this being worth 30 marks.