Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, we've made our first car, by following Idea No. 004. For the wheels, we've used Styrofoam and made it as close to a circle by wrapping it in tape.
I've ran three trials but sadly none of these trials were successful. The first time I tried out the car, it didn't move at all. So, I took our the balloon that contained the straw. The car moved this time but it only travelled a distance of 0.61m. The air in the balloon secreted too fast causing the car to only travel a short distance. On the third trial, i replaced this balloon with the one with the straw inside of it. This time the car travelled a bit further at 1.25m. I think this was because I didn't blow up the balloon big enough since it popped before.
We are still trying to fix up the car, but not to woory (: we are almost done.

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